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A guide to applying and removing self tanning mousse from the experts at Kiarina Beauty.

Tanning mousse is one of the easiest and fastest ways to apply fake tan to your face and body. Using a mousse allows you to control the amount of product you are using and where it is going. By following this simple guide, you will learn how to apply the perfect self tan every time.

We show you how to avoid tan streaks and dark patches, and ensure your fake tan looks as natural as possible.

Choose The Right Tanning Mousse

Choosing the right shade or strength of tanning mousse is essential if you want to have a great looking tan – and be happy with it.

Kiarina offer a range of tanning mousse strengths from light to ultra dark. If you are very pale-skinned or have not used tanning mousse before, we would advise choosing our Naturale Light Tanning Mousse. It has been created to give a lighter tan and is perfect for regular use.

Our most popular tan is our Cappucino Medium Tanning Mousse – which gives a beautiful ‘just back from holiday’ self tan.

If you fancy going darker, we have some great tanning mousse products that are extremely popular and give fantastic deep dark tans that look natural and go on smooth and streak free.

Prepare Your Skin Before Applying Fake Tan Mousse. Woman having a shower.

Prepare Your Skin

Before Applying Fake Tan Mousse

No matter what product you are using to add fake tan to your skin, you must ALWAYS prepare your skin first. Using Kiarina Pre-Tan Exfoliator Body Polish to help remove dead skin cells, old cosmetic products, and fragrances left behind from lotions, moisturisers, or perfumed products. The aim is to leave the skin as clean and smooth as possible.

If you prefer a bath over a shower, remember to wash off any bath products you may have used with fresh clean water. Dry your skin thoroughly.

Apply The Tanning Mousse To Your Skin

Dispense a golf ball sized amount of tanning mousse to your Kiarina Luxury Self Tanning Mitt. Gently apply tanning mousse to your body using smooth upward strokes. The Kiarina Tanning Mousse range contain a guide colour so you can see where you have applied the tan.

Tanning Mitt for Self Tan Application | Kiarina Beauty
Kiarina Luxury Self Tanning Mitt

Once you have applied the tan, leave it to dry before getting dressed. It usually takes around 15 minutes to fully dry.

Wash the tanning mitt thoroughly after every use and make sure it is dry before you store it away. With care, a tanning mitt can be re-used many many times.

How To Remove Your Fake Tan

Tip: Remove your fake tan as soon as you no longer need it. A tan left on for too long might start to look patchy.

Showering will help remove some of your unwanted tan, but repeating the same steps you used to prepare your skin for tan will ensure your tan is removed without leaving patchy skin behind. Exfoliate your skin using Kiarina Pre-Tan Exfoliating Body Wash then use the amazing Kiarina Fake Tan Eraser to remove any remaining tan – formulated to gently remove fake tan without leaving your skin patchy.

Moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated using Kiarina Moisturising Body Lotion.

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