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Do you have a website, blog or social media account? Would you like to earn money from it?

If YES, then we would love you to sign up. The Kiarina affiliate program is open to everyone, and we’d love for you to get involved.

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What is an affiliate program?

Affiliates are people who run websites or blogs that send traffic to Kiarina using tracked links. Each sale that is generated from that link will earn the affiliate a percentage of the sale called a commission. Signing up to an affiliate program enables you to start using the tracked links.

Why sign up with Kiarina?

Kiarina is the UK’s number one destination for beauty and tanning products that are inspired by Italian passion. We are a fast-growing brand with new customers discovering the benefits of our fantastic products every day. By becoming an affiliate with us, you could share in our success.

  • our program is easy to set up and completely free
  • you will be assigned a unique tracking id
  • 10% commission all purchases made using your unique tracking code (excluding shipping cost)
  • minimum payout just £25
  • real-time reporting and sales tracking
  • commission on the whole basket, not just the product you linked to
  • 30 day cookie period
  • access to pre-made banners and text links
  • fast payout through PayPal (we check on the last day of the month)
  • exclusive rewards and discounts

Joining the Kiarina affiliate program is quick, easy and rewarding. Once you have joined the program, you will be able to use your website, blog, or social media platforms to send traffic to Kiarina through tracked links. Each sale that is made from these tracked links will earn you a commission. The Kiarina affiliate program offers competitive commission rates and we validate commissions frequently so that our affiliates receive their money as soon as possible.

What Support Will I Get?

We have a team dedicated to running the affiliate program, so there’s always someone to help with any questions you may have. We also offer images to support your promotions, product feeds, and further support to help drive sales from your site. If you have a specific request for your site, please get in touch.

For additional information on our affiliate program please contact:

For Social media influencer enquiries visit our Social Media Influencer page here.

Want to get started?

In order to become an affiliate for Kiarina, you will need to complete the following form. You will need a PayPal account so we can pay you (they are free and really easy to set up!)

Once you have completed your account set up, we will review your request and get in touch. Once you are approved, you will have access to your affiliate area on this website where you can find images, links and details of any commissions due. Please get in touch with a member of the team for support, we are here to help.

*Payment Email is your PayPal email address

We look forward to welcoming you!

All the Team @ Kiarina Beauty

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